Wednesday, 17 September 2014

To do list for 2014

Last week I had vacation and spend some time rummaging through our attic. I came across quite a number of unfinished armies. Thus I decided to see if I could spend some time finishing them. These armies are currently on my to do list ( apart from finishing my 40k chaos, guard, wfb dwarves and high elves and bolt action germans and rusians). I guess my lack of focus is clearly showing...

-15mm flames of war mid war english infantry company plus support

- 10mm thirty years war catholic army for field of glory

- 15 mm ak47 rhodesia clone plus legion etrangere para troops

- 15 mm deamonworld orcs and goblins for our homebrew sets or vis magica

- 20 mm ww2 early war scotish infantry platoon for baps or chain of command

- 28mm acw confederate and union armies for brother against brother

Battle of Ork Kreek

These are the pictures of a battle of my Walhallans against Eric's very nicely painted Ork forces. The battle was great fun and had some very tense moments as Eric's trucks stormed the bridge in the center of the table through a barrage of Imperial lasgun and heavy weapon fire. In the end the lone Ork Warboss smashed down most of my remaining guardsmen all by himself.....