Saturday, 23 August 2014

Valhallan reinforcements

The new Imperial Guard codex unfortunately doesn'tcontain Marbo, so his Valhallan comrade is going to be relegated to other duties as well. His place in the battle line will be filled however, so yesterday I started painting his replacements: A full special weapon squad with two flamers and a demo charge. Because of the simple colour scheme I chose for my troops I managed to paint them in a single short evening. The first picture is the squad without their final Devlan Mud coating.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Combat patrol trials

Today we tried out some combat patrol lists for a bigger game next sunday. I used my chaos marines against Ron's Orks and Necrons. The first game against Rons Orks was quite tense, mainly because my chaos sorcerer managed to cast invisibility on himself and his unit virtually every turn. Because of that power they survived the onslaught of both a unit of truck boyz and a unit of nobz. I was to carefull with my spawn, who spent most of the game babysitting some far off objective. The two units of cultists I took worked reasonably as distraction, but caused virtually no damage. With the luck of the dice on my side I managed to win the first game.

The second game against necrons ( 5 deathmark snipers, ten immortals and three hover bikes) was considerably harder. The necrons managed to wreck my transport in the first turn ( three shots, three hits, three glances). Forcing my marines to walk across the board and take some heavy casualties. In the end I managed to have my spawn and surviving marines whipe out the immortals in assault, only to die in a blaze of glory under the return fire of the deathmarks and bikes. A sollid victory to the Necrons.

My cultists just aren't cutting it in 400 point patrol lists. At the same time my marines lack the staying power to see a assault through. Maybe it' s my abbismal savingthrows, maybe my lack of experience with mobile assault oriented armies. Well, it's back to the drawingboard for me now.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

RPG mini's 2

The same thugs almost done. Only a few details and the basing to be done. In the background a few militia that I plan to paint up as well.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

RPG mini's

Second attempt at keeping an up to date blog about my hobby progress....

Hopefully the use of my tablet will make keeping this blog up to date a lot easier. At the moment i'm working on completing my chaos marines, but as an intermezzo i'm painting some  copplestone thugs for oud temporary RPG campaign.

The're a mix of bikers, criminals, militia and police officers. I purchased them years ago with the idea to use them for some sort of crimefighting game. I cherish the thought I might actually get around to doing that someday. For now I'll have to settle for using them as RPG props.