Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Early war german paratroopers

Some support paratroopers for bolt action and chain of command. Mainly engineers plus an antitank rifle and a light mortar.

Converted flame thrower from a radio operator. He should have a round gastank, but I'd like to imagine some creative paratroopers disguising the tank in something more innocent.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Adeptus support for the Imperial Guard

I've stumbled across some of my adeptus models in various stages of painting. And recently acquired five battle sisters. Currently I have three assassins ( of which two are actually necromunda spyerers)  5 Arbiter, 5 seraphim, an inquisitor, a techpriest, two frateris militia and some naval advisors. I'll assemble them and try to get them painted soon.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

German fallschirmjager for Bolt Action

Although I planned to paint a lot more during my holiday, I did manage to finish the first batch of my early war fallschirmjager. I've fudged the machine guns a bit, because I own only two mg34's, so the rest are mg42's. These fallschirmjager are to be used as enemies of my dutch reinforced platoon. Shown in the pictures are an officer, an air force liaison, a mmg and four squads of jager with an machine gun each.

Some engineers, a light artillery piece and a 37mm at gun are still in the mail, who together with some early war regular army troops whom I will use as the German 22nd airlanding division, will round out my German force for Fall Gelb battles.

Friday, 10 July 2015

Dutch ww2 Huzars

The Dutch army of 1940 had a few motorised regiments; the Huzaren motorrijders. Around my hometown they were mainly used to guard the motorways against enemy airborne forces and insurgents. The dutch armoured car platoons were also supported by the huzars. Thus they helped defend airfield Ypenburg against the attacking fallschirmjager.

For my Bolt Action force I converted a BA10 into something not entirely unlike a Landsverk M 36, and converted some Warlord games German motorbikes into huzars, by means of a simple headswap. The huzars wore brown leather motorjackets and pants, coupled with dark cavalry boots ( and spurs according to some!).

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The last Dwarfs

As part of my vacation painting and basing spree I finished my WFB dwarf army today. I painted my Anvil of Doom and dwarf lord, and based my slayers ( very nice avatars of war plastics)  and scouts. With these models my dwarf army is officially finished. Hopefully I can squeeze in a game with my entire dwarf force before everybody switches form 8th to Age of Sigmar.

Painting and basing spree

At the beginning of this year I had quite a long list of miniaturen to paint. Than life happened and only a handful got painted. The next few weeks are my holidays, and since the DIY tasks are postponed due to the builders finishing late, I have some time on my hands. Apparently I'm very good at starting projects but not at seeing them through ( it seems to me most wargamers share that ). So I've gathered some of the last remnants of armies almost finished. Below you can see them in all their unfinished glory:

- catachans (marbo, an ogryn stand-in for Not Deddog, and some snipers/ troopers)
- Russians ( scouts, an mmg, light mortar, commisar, spotter And officer)
- Germans ( mid/late war troops, panzerschreck and flamethrower plus a group of early war fallschirmjager)
- dwarfs ( anvil, lord, scouts, converted irondrakes and a unit of slayers)
- dutch ww2 Huzars on motorcycles

Hopefully I can start posting pictures of them finished or at least progressing through the next few weeks. Some of the miniatures only need basing, others haven't even received their basecoat yet.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Dutch support units 28mm

The first series of pictures of my 28mm dutch ww2 force. Since no company manufactures these units I've had to convert them.

The Landsverk M36 armoured car is based of a 1/48 Russian BA-10. I got that idea out of the flames of war dutch guide, but it seems to work better in 15mm than 28mm, the details are just to recognizable. Both the conversion as well as the paint job could do with some improvement, but for now it will do

The artillery is a piece of veld-7, converted from another 75mm Krupp gun. Since Outpost manufactures only one officer, I used some small conversions. On the artillery sergeant I just replaced the hand, having him ready for the fire order.

The last picture is an 45mm light at-gun. Luckily the Italian army used the same gun and had putties as part of their uniform. A simple headswap on the warlord games set (courtesy of their flexible head system) has them ready for action.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

28mm Dutch ww2 army for may 1940

The last few months I've been working on a few different projects, and didn't get around to posting anything. The main project are two armies for 28mm ww2: Dutch and German Fallschirmjager. Since nobody manufactures 28mm ww2 Dutch, I had to mix and match different models from various manufacturers. The infantry is mostly Outpost Wargame Service's ( excellent service in providing a specific selection of models I could use) range of rumanians, who happened to use the same helmet and almost the same uniform. I sculped the webbing on (first sculpting project ever, the result will have to do), and ordered Lewis guns from another company. 

The weird green-blue-grey color of the dutch uniform was difficult to replicate, and I'm not entirely pleased with the result, but it's passable for tabletop encounters. I'll try and take some snapshots of the different units and post them soon, including my converted "not entirely unlike a Landsverk" M38 armoured car and my small but proud squad of motorbike mounted Hussars.