Monday, 27 May 2013

High Elves, loads of 'em

When the new high elf armybook came out last year, I took my elves down from the attick and sorted them out and took some pictures: they covered the entire livingroom carpet...over 500 metal GW miniatures....maybe there is such a thing as to much mini's? Now all I need to do is settle on a simple paint scheme and arrange an early retirement to paint these models.....

progress on the Romans

A few more pics of my Romans, hopefully I'll manage to finish this army somewhere in the next two weeks and get a game of warhammer ancient battles in. But also because I have a lot lying arround waiting to get painted as well: a Saga Anglo Saxon war band my friend Peter kindly gave me in as a gift, a necron tomb barge and annihilation barge and LOTS of high elves...

1st cohort

2nd cohort

3rd cohort

scorpio's and slingers in the background

veteran cohort

Gallic noble cavalry auxillia

veterans and gallic nobles undercoated and drybrushed

Friday, 10 May 2013

Painting Romans

The last few months I've been painting caesarian romans. I plan to use them for both Warhammer Ancient Battles and Hail Ceasar, although I'll have to find some players for the last set first. the models are fro wargames factory. The quality is reasonable, but the models pale in comparison to Perry or GW plastics. luckily they are dirt cheap, with 48 legionaires coming in at about 25 euro's.

I've painted  three cohorts, two small units of skirmishers (archers and slingers) and three scorpio's. on the to do list are two units of cavalry (Gallic and German Allies), one more normal cohort, a cohort of veterans and a small unit of auxillia infantry. As soon as I manage to get more pictures of of my IPhone, I'll post some closeups and the progress.

The infantry units are 18 man models strong, deployed in three ranks, which gives me a good number for WAB and the abillity to play Hail Caesar with either a slightly reduced frontage or in two ranks.