Monday, 26 December 2016

28mm Dutch farm

Recently I purchased Sarissa's Dutch farm as a terrain piece for my early war Dutch and fallschirmjager to fight over. I'm pleasantly surprised by the kit. It's only the second lasered MDF kit I ever bought, but putting it together was rather easy, and the fit is excellent.

It consists out of a single ground floor, decided into two sections, two upper floors (no stairwell), and two roof sections. If you want great interior detailing you'll have to add some, but if like me, your main interest is a sectioned building suitable for bolt action, the structure is spot on. The size off the kit possitively surprised me, almost completely covering an A4 sheet.

After a quick fur brown spray painting was quick. Not entirely satisfied with the result though, so I'll add some more detailing later. The cardboard shutters fit reasonably well but don't paint up very good, I'd like to have seen them in MDF as well.

Tyrants Legion under construction

After much deliberation and a chance encounter in our hobby room with a the recent killteam box containing a full plastic tactical squad, I settled on building my centurions out of these parts. I also came up with just enough resin industrial/rubble bases to base my fledgeling Tyrants Legion on them. To make the process of building a new army manageable, I decided to go build and paint them in 500 put blocks.

Presented below is the first block; an imperial guard HQ command with meltagun and lascannon(not pictured), a ten men infantry squad with flamer and missile launcher (the tyrant guard combined marine and guard elements, I wanted the guardsmen to emulate Marines by carrying their signature weapons) a Chimera armoured transport and a single marine centurion. Since the marine codex doesn't allow veteran sergeants as independent characters , the only option is to make him a techmarine.

The guardsmen where painted a decade ago and have him surviving in a plastic bag ever since, so are in need of some touching up and adding some tyrant legion colours.

Saturday, 17 December 2016


A second attempt to revive my blog, mainly because it's an efficient way of sharing project progress. Currently running projects include, but aren't limited to, 28mm bolt action Prinses Irene brigade carrier patrol section, adeptus mechanicus guard army, 15mm bolt action and joining in a 2nb edition 40k Badab war campaign.

The latter project has had me scrounging through my stores, looking for suitable models. I'm aiming to build a 1500 pnts Tyrants Legion; an attempt by Lufgt Huron to rebuild the Imperial Army of old. I've selected my partially painted platoon of cadian shock troops to form the core of my army, supported by a handfull of Astral Claw marines. I'm still in doubt as to which models to use for the marines.