Sunday, 9 September 2012

Finishing Armies: setting a goal

As mentioned before I'm in the process of trying to finish my 40k armies. Both my Valhallans and my Hollanders (Mordian/Praetorians) are almost done. The Valhallan army is now at 1500 points, but I want to paint just a few more models so I can swap out Marbo's Valhallan Comrade for a normal special weapons team.  Below a pic of my painted Valhallans in pre-battle manouvres formation (eg on a kitchen cutting-board)

For my Hollanders (I should arrange them in the garden one time and shoot some pics) I need to paint a handfull of command models, three sanctioned psykers and finish converting and painting three Ogryns.

My Chaos marine just got a boost form the Dark Vengeance box, so as long as I haven't found anybody to swap my dark Angel marines with, that leaves me with 6 chosen, a hellbrute, 20 cultists and 8 possessed to paint.

I'm going to try to paint all the above before the end of the year. That may not seem very ambitious, but in between work, wife, kid, house, other hobbies and sleep, time to paint is scarce. I'll start keeping count once I figure out how to put a score counter on this Blog....


  1. There's some Orks here who would like a word with your Valhallans, something about "blowing to bits"?

  2. Courageous! Good luck painting. I hope it works out. ANd you know the rules for reaching goals: take many small steps.