Thursday, 9 July 2015

Painting and basing spree

At the beginning of this year I had quite a long list of miniaturen to paint. Than life happened and only a handful got painted. The next few weeks are my holidays, and since the DIY tasks are postponed due to the builders finishing late, I have some time on my hands. Apparently I'm very good at starting projects but not at seeing them through ( it seems to me most wargamers share that ). So I've gathered some of the last remnants of armies almost finished. Below you can see them in all their unfinished glory:

- catachans (marbo, an ogryn stand-in for Not Deddog, and some snipers/ troopers)
- Russians ( scouts, an mmg, light mortar, commisar, spotter And officer)
- Germans ( mid/late war troops, panzerschreck and flamethrower plus a group of early war fallschirmjager)
- dwarfs ( anvil, lord, scouts, converted irondrakes and a unit of slayers)
- dutch ww2 Huzars on motorcycles

Hopefully I can start posting pictures of them finished or at least progressing through the next few weeks. Some of the miniatures only need basing, others haven't even received their basecoat yet.

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