Saturday, 18 February 2017

Battle of the bulge scenario 2

Today we started playing the scenarios from the bolt action supplement Battle of the Bulge. First up was the battle of Hurtgen Forest, with some veteran Americans trying to take down a German fortified position occupied by regular units. I took a veteran Sherman to accompany my three units of veterans supported by two Mmg's and a sniper.

The German left flank was heavily defended, so I chose to attack their right flank with the majority of my units. The scenario special rules gave the German some fortifications, minefields(the green patches) and ambush positions, and limited visibility in the heavily wooded and hilly forest.

A carefully placed German flamethrower team funneled my troops through a narrow corridor. Some bad dice rolls and -draws saw my gallant attack slowly grind down to a bloody halt, the Sherman destroyed and a desperate dash of my commanding officer proved futile. Even though the Germans suffered some serious casualties, the veteran gebirgsjager were firmly in control of the pillbox and trenches.

All in all we had a blast: the scenario was quite well ballanced and the special rules added some nice touches. Looking forward towards the next scenario!

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