Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Valhallan 532nd

As mentioned previously I am busy  painting and finishing my Valhallan army. The last year I played a number of games at a thousand points. But now I'm painting it up to 1500. I selected the units partially because they were what I had lying around and partly to have a good mix of different units to show my friends, who were new players at the time, the different rules and mechanics of the game.

For those interested a short armylist of the Valhallan 532nd regiment:

-Company Command Squad; RPG (you should never refer to them as Missile Launcher, unless you're looking to taunt the dice-gods), Vox and Boltgun for the officer, loaded into a Chimera armoured transport.

-Primaris Psyker

-Marbo's Valhallan Comrade

-Platoon Command Squad; 3 Grenade Launchers and a Vox

-3 Infantry Squads; Flamer, Heavy Bolter, one squad with a Vox and another with a Commissar

-Mortar Squad

-Lascannon Squad

-Veterans; 3 meltaguns

-5 Rough Riders

-Valkyrie with Rocketpods


-Leman Russ Battle Tank Squadron; 2 tanks, both with hull Heavy Bolter and Heavy Bolter sponsons.

-Hydra Flakgun

Here are some pictures of the HQ and elite units of my Valhallan army. Hopefully I'll be able to show you more pictures of my army later this week.

The Company Command Squad

The Primaris Psyker and Commissar

Marbo's Valhallan Comrade


  1. Nice,

    wait, does this mean I have to re-start painting as well?


  2. I guess it does :D

    @Maarten, we really need to do a guard vs guard game sometime!


    1. Played one last night, I'll try to post a small report tonight.

  3. Hi Maarten,

    Nieves told me about your blog, just had to take a quick look. Your Valhallans are looking good!

    Erik from Tilburg
    (Who has a blog too: http://modhails-meanderings.blogspot.nl/ )